Kharma Medic is a boring inspiration... (2023)

Kharma Medic is a boring inspiration... (1)

Kharma Medic, a medical student working in the UK, is a YouTuber who publishes videos about the life of a medical student. Whether that be taking trips to see the behind the scenes of university or giving his viewer's life advice. He takes every opportunity he can get to provide as much educational inspiration as possible.

Nasir, A.K.A, Kharma Medic is a British based YouTuber, who is also a medical student studying at King's College London. The premise behind his channel stems from education and more specifically, medicine, and the life of a medical student. Along the way, besides being a vlog channel, he is also somewhat of a productive YouTuber and educational YouTuber.

From the very beginning of his YouTube career, which was 2 years ago, he was solely providing university and medical school advice. Whether that be learning how to cope with the stress that comes from moving to a new country, learning the most efficient ways to study for the UKCAT exam, or sharing experiences that may happen in your life like rejection from other universities.

Back when he was making those videos, he was a very mellow guy with not a lot of energy, he seemed a little awkward and also a little quiet as well. He was so quiet, I had to bring the volume of my computer to the max when I was watching his first video.

As years went on, he began to expand his content and grow out of his old stuff. He started to do things such as vlogs like the day in a life of a medical student, real times studying videos, tech videos, and videos about his preparation for the USMLE exam. This expansion and differentiation of his content are where his channel began to elevate and take off for the better.

Educational channels are good at diversifying their content and still being successful because their channel always has something for everyone. I'm not interested in his vlogs because I'm not going to medical school, but I'm more interested in his tips and tricks videos when it comes to studying for exams. That's what I mean by there is a video for everyone under their preferences of needs.

Nasir still maintains his mellow and chill presentation in all his videos. Which sometimes isn't necessarily a great thing because sometimes the video can get kind of boring after a little while.

When it comes to his style of presenting he naturally uses a lot of hand gestures and facial expressions to show how he is feeling which is good if you want to keep the audience engaged. Sometimes YouTubers, especially big ones, can look kind of dead in the eyes, but Nasir always has a smile on his face and it's evident that he enjoys what he is talking about.

The production of these are really good and increased in quality over the past two years he's been doing YouTube. From a grainy and muddy camera to something that is more clear, sharp and has a lot of clarity, additionally, the audio has less echo and is more audible, and the background of his videos are also very colourful and vibrant and different almost every time.

The video however when he is talking about the iPhone 12 is where the audio is kind of...awful. It sounds distorted and it has a lot of echoes. He didn't mention in the video or the description that there was an audio issue, so if this was intentional, that is very poor and disappointing on his part.

When it comes to the production of his vlogs, they are very rookie vlogs. Anyone who vlogs like this tries their best to be Casey Neistat sometimes by putting their camera in a certain location and walking past the frame as if it seems like a natural day in life, and they walk so lifelessly and they try so hard to look cool and serious.

The camera work on the vlogs is also kind of poor as they are shaky at times and distracting. He also uses a lot of basic vlogging cliches like timelapse and the hand in front of the camera but it's following a thing in my hand camera trick.

There is a lack of creativity overall when it comes to the production of his vlogs. And he continues to carry that mellow and relaxed attitude to all his vlogs which make it kind of boring. On top of that, there are so many times where he is sometimes too close to the camera, and there are a lot of vloggers who do this, but they do it dramatic effect or for some other purpose. Nasir does that unintentionally and it looks unprofessional and lame, and I just want to skip it and see what happens next.

His vlogs however do provide a lot of value when it comes to going to medical school and showing the behind scene of medical school, but outside of that, like going to Greece, you're not selling me an experience or anything of value when it comes to your vlogs when you're travelling. I honestly think it's fair to not record vlogs at all when you're travelling, and instead, just enjoy your vacation without having the thought of doing something for work.

Now when it comes to the marketing of his videos, i.e, his thumbnails and titles, they are, kind of generic, but at the same time, high effort. There are times where they look pathetic and it just doesn't seem like he's trying at all to sell the concept of his video to his viewers and gain as much attention as he can. Then there are other videos where which look appealing and interesting in regards to what the content may be in the video.

But this is confusing. There's this one video that he did with Ali Abdaal, and that thumbnail is hands down his best thumbnail to date. Ali probably took that photo and edited it for him. But the thing is that that video didn't get a lot of views. I'm assuming it's either because of the concept of the video or the fact that it's a collaboration video and people don't know Ali so they're not gonna bother clicking on the video. But the thumbnail looks so good and I'm pretty sure if his thumbnails look like that it would garner a lot more attention. In other words, start using lightroom.

The titles as well are very long and the reason why they are sometimes they are so long is because he adds his name at the end of every title. It's not necessary and it doesn't look appealing. You don't need the title to be a way to tell people who you are, you're video should do that, the thumbnail and title should sell the video. So, with every title looking so clustered and not adding any value to the promotion of the video, it is overall not worth adding. Add the bare bone essentials to the title, and leave everything else in the description or the video itself.

Something good about Kharma Medic is him constantly replying and liking comments on his YouTube channel. He always shows support and love towards his fans for taking time to watch his videos and leaving a comment, and as a result, he develops more a positive reputation as a result of it. In the description as well, he mentions that if someone would like to contact Nasir and ask him a question, they can do so over on his Instagram by dropping a DM, or if it's business-related, you can just send him an email.

Now I want to talk about the core of the channel, the content. I kind of already touched on the fact that his vlogs can be hit or miss sometimes. The vlogs where he is going on a vacation don't bring much entertainment and value and instead, he should just put the camera down and enjoy his vacation. Whereas the vlogs where he is doing medical student stuff is intriguing and educational as well.

But when it comes to the, "I'm gonna sit down on a chair and give life advice", kind of videos, for the most part, they're fantastic. There is a lot you can get from every sit-down video he does, whether it be learning how to manage time or dealing with procrastination. And the issue that some of these productivity YouTubers have is that they give the same advice as any other YouTuber like making a to-do list, but Nasir is trying to stand out from the crowd and attempting to give as much unique advice as he can, even if it will make the smallest change in regards to how you live your life. For example, in one video he talks about making use of dead time and how you can do so many other things while you're waiting for something to happen. Like writing a YouTube script on the bus to university. I've heard of this piece of advice before, but none of the productivity YouTubers that I've watched like Thomas Frank and Matt D'Avela have ever mentioned it.

He also gives a lot of advice to a specific group that I'm pretty they can find useful, such as those who are studying or plan on taking the USMLE exam. If you don't know, the USMLE is a huge exam that aspiring doctors need to take if they wish to be a doctor in America. The reason being is because being a doctor in America is a great opportunity to find success. I've seen those videos and his notes look so daunting, but the advice he provides is very good and very valuable and should be taken seriously if you want to find success in this huge exam. But the advice he gives doesn't simply have to relate to that exam as it can apply to every aspect of education and preparation for any sort of assessment.

The only thing that I wish he did differently with his videos is that, since he has a lot to say and his videos being pretty long, there are bound to be some things that the viewer may not care about, but some other things in that same video that people do care about. So next time I hope he could at least add timestamps to his videos so that a viewer could navigate their way to certain parts of the video that they care about.

Overall, Kharma Medic is a very educational YouTuber that provides a lot of advice that can lead anyone to success. He is very honest and explicit with his content, and the production for the most part is really good. The vlogs are probably the worst and most unnecessary thing on his channel, but specifically, when he's on vacation, the lengthy videos can sometimes be disorganized and some pieces of advice aren't necessary for the most part, which is why I suggested time stamps. And he also shows a lot of love to his fans by replying and liking their comments and also being open to any questions on his social media.

With that being said, I am giving Kharma Medic, a 6.5/10





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