JEE Main 2023 Marks vs Percentile vs Ranks - Check Marks using Percentile Score Here - Motion Blog (2023)

JEE Main 2023 Marks vs Percentile vs Ranks - Check Marks using Percentile Score Here - Motion Blog (1)

JEE Main Marks vs Rank vs Percentile

JEE Main Marks vs Percentile vs Rank: Are you one of those candidates looking forward to cracking the JEE mains exam with an outstanding score? Then the first thing you need to get familiar with is the mode of score in which the NTA releases the grades of the students. The National Testing Agency is the organization that is in charge of conducting the same and hence is responsible for the uniform conduct of the exam.

Being one of the most hard-going exams, the preparation of the JEE mains requires dedication and focus equipped with an appropriate strategic plan. Before forming your strategy for the JEE mains exam you must know all that is important. Above all, the most important factor that you need to know is the key difference between JEE Main Marks vs Rank vs Percentile.

It is important to note that the score of the JEE Mains exam is released in a percentile format. The JEE main percentile is not the actual score of the candidates but is the normalized score of the candidates who appeared for the exam

Candidates are always curious about their JEE Main Marks vs Rank vs Percentile as it not only determines the cut-off for the JEE Advanced exam but also plays a key role in defining your rank in the JEE Main exam.

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Why are the JEE Main Results announced in the percentile?

The JEE Mains exam is conducted in two sessions and in different months which sometimes leads to differences in the difficulty level of the exam. Therefore to abstain from this from occurring, normalized marks are accepted. The marks obtained from normalization are not actual marks but is a comparative score that is calculated using the NTA formula.

After assembling the scores of the candidates, NTA uses the normalization formula to calculate the percentile of all three subjects.

  • The highest score in each subject will be allocated a percentile of 100.
  • The percentile is taken into use to prepare the JEE Main merit list
  • To avoid any tie-up between two candidates the percentile score is calculated to 7 decimals.
  • The final JEE main percentile is considered only the one that has been obtained after the application of the normalization method.

In both sessions, the percentile is calculated on a scale of 100-0.

What is the JEE Main percentile score?

The JEE Main percentile score is calculated depending on how the candidate performed compared to other candidates who appeared for the JEE Mains exam. The percentile score is neither the percentage nor the raw marks.

To be able to estimate the rank of the JEE Main exam before the official declaration by the NTA can put you on the good side. But you need to have all the necessary information accumulated with yourself to evaluate your rank. You should be familiar with the normalization process and the tiebreaker to better understand how the JEE Mains vs Percentile is judged.

JEE Mains Marks vs Percentile

Along with calculating the percentile, the students must also know the rank they will be securing in connection with their percentile. Not just (just in case definition) this, the candidates should have an idea of what rank will be allocated to each percentile.

Calculated based on previous years’ scores here is a list of expected marks vs percentile data. This will aid you in estimating your JEE main percentile.

JEE Main MarksJEE Main Percentile
300-281100 – 99.99989145
271 – 28099.994681 – 99.997394
263 – 27099.990990 – 99.994029
250 – 26299.977205 – 99.988819
241 – 25099.960163 – 99.975034
231 – 24099.934980 – 99.956364
221 – 23099.901113 – 99.928901
211 – 22099.851616 – 99.893732
191 – 20099.710831 – 99.782472
181 – 19099.597399 – 99.688579
171 – 18099.456939 – 99.573193
161 – 17099.272084 – 99.431214
151 – 16099.028614 – 99.239737
141 – 15098.732389 – 98.990296
131 – 14098.317414 – 98.666935
121 – 13097.811260 – 98.254132
111 – 12097.142937 – 97.685672
101 – 11096.204550 – 96.978272
91 – 10094.998594 – 96.064850
81 – 9093.471231 – 94.749479
71 – 8091.072128 – 93.152971
61 – 7087.512225 – 90.702200
51 – 6082.016062 – 86.907944
41 – 5073.287808 – 80.982153
31 – 4058.151490 – 71.302052
21 – 3037.694529 – 56.569310
20 – 1113.495849 – 33.229128
0 – 100.8435177 – 9.6954066

JEE Main Percentile vs Rank (Expected)

Given is a list of factors that determines the Percentile vs Rank. The statistics for the same will be released soon.

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  • Total no. of registered candidates
  • Total no. of questions asked in the question paper
  • The difficulty level of the exam
  • Trends followed in the previous years’ Ranks vs Marks

The previous years’ data has been mentioned here in the table below:

JEE PercentileJEE Rank
100 – 99.999891451 – 20
99.994681 – 99.99739480 – 24
99.990990 – 99.99402983 – 55
99.977205 – 99.988819210 – 85
99.960163 – 99.975034367 – 215
99.934980 – 99.956364599 – 375
99.901113 – 99.928901911 – 610
99.851616 – 99.8937321367 – 920
99.795063 – 99.8452121888 – 1375
99.710831 – 99.7824722664 – 1900
99.597399 – 99.6885793710 – 2700
99.456939 – 99.5731935003- 3800
99.272084 – 99.4312146706 – 5100
99.028614 – 99.2397378949 – 6800
98.732389 – 98.99029611678 – 9000
98.317414 – 98.66693515501 – 11800
97.811260 – 98.25413220164 – 15700
97.142937 – 97.68567226321 – 20500
96.204550 – 96.97827234966 – 26500
94.998594 – 96.06485046076 – 35000
93.471231 – 94.74947960147 – 46500
91.072128 – 93.15297182249 – 61000
87.512225 – 90.702200115045 – 83000
82.016062 – 86.907944165679 – 117000
73.287808 – 80.982153246089 – 166000
58.151490 – 71.302052385534 – 264383

JEE Main 2023 Marks vs Ranks

Along with JEE marks vs percentile, candidates also check what rank they can get on scoring a particular JEE Main 2023 percentile. The following table can be referred to understand JEE Main marks vs rank.

JEE Main Marks vs Ranks

Score out of 300Rank
286- 29219-12
268- 279106-64
250- 267524-108
189-1996664- 4830

JEE Main Score through Normalization Method

After the evaluation of the raw marks, the NTA calculates the percentile of each subject through the normalization method, along with the total. The highest score of each session will be calculated with the same percentile of 100 only. This percentile is used to form the JEE Main merit list. The percentiles will be calculated up to 7 decimal places to avoid the occurrence of ties between aspirants securing the same scores.

How is the JEE Main Percentile Calculated?

The formula to calculate the JEE Main percentile is mentioned below:

A candidate’s total percentile score is equivalent to 100

(the total number of candidates whose raw score is either less or equal to the candidate’s total score) / (total number of candidates who appeared in the session).

JEE Main 2023 Tiebreaker Guidelines

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main tie-breaker policy aims to ensure fairness in the selection process. According to the NTA guidelines, if two or more candidates have the same score in the exam, the tie will be broken based on their age and application number.

1. Candidates with higher age will be given priority and their application numbers will be taken into account. If the tie persists even after this, candidates’ scores in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Old-Age Discrimination will be used to determine ranks.

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2. NTA has made amendments to the JEE Main 2022 tie-breaking policy and age and application number orders will now be taken into consideration.

3. This new policy is implemented to ensure that all candidates are given an equal chance to compete for the same rank.

JEE Main Marks vs Rank vs Percentile (Expected)

Now that you know the difference between JEE Main Marks vs Rank vs Percentile. You can calculate your own and predict your college.

JEE Marks out of 300JEE RankJEE Percentile


To see where you are standing in the competition and get a probable idea of what college you will be getting, it is necessary to be familiar with the concept of JEE Mains Marks vs Rank vs Percentile. Now that you know how your marks will be calculated you can begin working on other parts of your preparation. Put on your focus and work hard towards your set goals.

FAQs About JEE Main 2023 Marks vs Rank Vs Percentile

Q1. What is considered a good percentile in JEE Mains 2023?

Ans. A score within the range of 99 or 98 will be considered a good score for the JEE Mains 2023.

Q2. If the score is 280, what would be the percentile?

Ans. If a candidate scores 280 marks then their percentile would be in the range of 99.

Q3. Why are the JEE results declared in the percentile?

Ans. The level of difficulty of the JEE exam varies as it is conducted in two sessions. To overcome this imbalance the marks are calculated in percentile through the normalization method.

Q4. Is scoring 70 percentile in JEE Mains good?

Ans. 70 percentile in JEE Mains indicates that you achieved more than 70% of the students who took the exam. Though your Percentile is in the midst of “not too good” and “not too bad”. Candidates belonging to reserved categories can get into good colleges in this CRL.

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Q5. How much percentile is required for NIT?

Ans. General Category candidates need to score a minimum of 95+ percentile score to get into NITs. For reserved category candidates, an 80+ percentile score is enough to get NITs.

Q6. In JEE Main, are the percentage and Percentile the same?

Ans. No, the percentage represents the percentage of total marks obtained, but the Percentile represents the performance of the student in the test.

Q7. How can raw scores be used to determine JEE Main percentile scores?

Ans. The National Testing Agency (NTA) translates the candidate’s marks into a scale range. It uses a formula to estimate an individual’s percentile score for their JEE score. The marks are calculated in the normalization method because the JEE Main exam is given in different sessions.

Q8. If Score 80 marks in JEE Mains, what would be the percentile?

Ans. If Candidates score 80 marks in JEE Mains will get around 85 to 90 percentile.

Q9. If Score 20 marks in JEE Mains, what would be the percentile?

Ans. If the score is 20 marks, the candidate will get around 65 to 70 percentiles in JEE Main 2023.

Q10. If Score 90 marks in JEE Mains percentile

Ans. If scores 90 marks in NTA JEE Main 2023 exam will get around 89 to 93 percentiles in JEE Main 2023.

Q11. If Score 100 marks in JEE Mains percentile

Ans. If score 100 marks in JEE Main exam 2023, students are expected to get a percentile between 93 to 96.

Q12. If Score 40 marks in JEE Mains percentile

Ans. 40 marks in the NTA JEE Main 2023 exam will let students get a percentile around 70.

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Q13. When will JEE Main qualifying marks be declared?

Ans. Qualifying JEE Main 2023 cutoff will be announced with results depicting the minimum marks required by candidates.

Q14. How are JEE Main percentile scores calculated with marks?

Ans. NTA uses a formula to arrive at the percentile score of candidates with respect to the raw score. Percentile scores are normalized scores as the exam is conducted in multiple sessions.




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